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Saturday, April 24, 2004
  Good morning.

It rained & thundered all last night...made for some decent sleeping weather. The forecast calls for more showers and storms over the next 2 days.

I woke up this morning at a little after 4:00 to my phone sounding as if it was "off the hook". The phone was hung up, but it was still giving the beeps etc. I eventually unplugged it. Over the past month or so, I had 2 instances with the phone not working correctly (oddly enough, they were both related to when it rained). The last time, a tech came out & replaced the service wire that runs from the pole to the network interface on the house...well guess what, it rained again & more problems...so I guess I get to call SBC about this again...
(luckily I can still connect to the internet--previously, the static was so bad that you could not break dial-tone)

I have told myself that everytime I connect to the internet, I'm going to add something to my Blog.
I really don't have much else exciting to talk about, so I'll just give you some information about me.

I was born in Rapid City, South Dakota. I lived in South Dakota until I went to college, after that, I went to work for USWEST Communications (now Qwest) and lived in various places around the Midwest (Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota). I worked for USWEST for 11 years.

Most recently, (until October of 2003) I lived in Kansas City Missouri, where I was a Site Supervisor for a company called LabOne.

That's when I moved down here to South Texas...

I like to do just about anything outdoors (except work).
I LOVE to travel.

Well, I think I'm going to need to hit the road for Laredo, to do all of my errands, so I will end this post...

Be good everyone...
Friday, April 23, 2004
  Hello, Day 2 of this new "hobby" for me.

I have finished another week of dealing with 6th graders...

Looking forward to my weekend activities:
Tomorrow I will go to Laredo (50 miles/45 minutes each way) to do some grocery shopping & to pick up a prescription for my Gramma's thyroid medication.
There is supposed to be a chance of showers all weekend, but if it doesn't rain, I will need to mow the lawn (not so much as a "lawn" as it is weeds).

I will probably spend some time "out back" (the brushland behind my house...lots of mesquite, cactus & thorny trees & bushes back there) this weekend. A small "stock dam" (my SoDak term, I think they are just referred to as "tanks" down here) surrounded by some nice mature mesquite trees has truly become my place of solitude down here (not that there is that much going on...) but it just gives me a chance to truly feel like I'm a thousand miles away from anybody. Yesterday, there was a Lesser Yellowlegs
down there, and as I was heading back to my house, there were 2 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks that were coming in.

I see that there is a pair of Curve-billed Thrashers building a nest in a small tree outside my window...that might be interesting to watch them raise a brood.

OK, now that I've got this whole "link" thing in my Blog figured out...I'll go back & see if I can't do it for yesterday's Blog as well...

Be good everybody...

Thursday, April 22, 2004
  Greetings, I am Roger and let me welcome you to my Blog.
Today is my birthday (37) & I decided that I'd do something "out there" for my birthday.
While at school today, (I substitute teach at the Zapata Middle School... that's in South Texas) I decided that I'd start working on my own Blog.

I received 2 birthday cards in the mail today, both were from my Dad. I think he needs to send 2 cards to me every year, one is always funny (this one featured a chimpanzee, who closed his eyes & did something funny with his mouth when you opened the card) & one a little bit more serious. I wonder if he thinks he needs to send me a more respectable birthday card along with one that may be trying to put me down (a burn, if you will).
I love my Dad. Whenever anyone says what a "nice guy" I am, I usually tell them that they need to meet my Dad, who I consider the original "nice guy".

My Grandmother (who is 95 years old...I don't know if I live with her or she lives with me) killed a skink in the house today. Yesterday, she told me that she had seen a "lizard" in the house. I saw it later in the day, yesterday as well, but she told me to let it go (it ran into an empty bedroom).
Obviously she wanted me to leave the "lizard" for her, so that she could "pop a cap" in this lizard while I was at school today.
When I returned home (a little before 4), she had the dead skink laying on a napkin on the kitchen table...just waiting for me to identify it. She had killed it with her cane (I'm sure she chased it all over the house before she got it---the skink's head was mashed in pretty good). I'm sure that Gramma will sleep well tonight.

My plan for the evening was to grill hot dogs. As I was getting ready to go out and start the grill (clean burning, inexpensive, propane), I looked outside at the birds in my backyard (birds are one of my passions), and I noticed an unusual looking one taking a bath in a pan of water, I knew what it was, but I went to grab some binoculars anyway. It was a male Painted Bunting. I have seen female Painted Buntings before, but never a male! That was probably the nicest thing that happened to me on my birthday (far exceeding anything I could have expected).

Well, I hope this is a good start to my "blogging"...

I guess I need to tell people to check my blog out too...

Be Good Everybody!
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