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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Had a very stormy morning, Thunderstorm rolled through at about 9:45 & by 10:30, when it moved on, we had picked up 2.2 inches of rain. The back porch had water coming into it. When the mail came, about 11:30, I went out to get it and got one of my shoes stuck in the muddy ground.
The good news was that much cooler weather came after the storm. Should be a beautiful day tomorrow.

This evening I went down to the pond out back. The rain definitely made the pond larger. It used to be 500-600 feet around, I'd guess it increased in size to maybe 700-800 feet around. I had two cinder blocks out there that I could sit on. They are now sitting in the water.

On the radio, I just heard a version of the song "Dear God" (originally done by XTC). It kinda made me laugh. It's like when I hear No Doubt's version of "It's My Life" (originally done by Mark Hollis & Talk Talk), although, I don't mind No Doubt's version.

well, I can't spend my entire, exciting Saturday night on the computer...

Be good everybody

Friday, April 30, 2004

Well, I just went a week without being called to the school to work (I think all the regular teachers have run out of sick days or something).

I went up to Laredo to do some shopping (Target & H.E.B.) this morning.
Pretty uneventful trip. I did see a
Black-necked Stilt in some standing water along a road in Laredo.

I bought gas...over $22 to fill up the car.

When I got back home, I decided to wash the car & put it in the garage (I usually don't put the car in the garage, unless I know there's going to be a storm or something). There are supposed to be severe storms tomorrow...

Grilled some chicken tonight. Put a Apricot preserve & tabasco glaze on my pieces (just apricot preserves on the piece for Gramma).

My neighbor, Barry, got back this evening. I got him caught up on the neighborhood goings on.

Depending on how I feel & the weather feels in the morning, I may mow the "lawn"...

All for now...

Be good everybody

Thursday, April 29, 2004
  What up?

Well, it was definately a "SSDD" day today. Again, I did not sub. I pretty much bummed around the house today. I did take Gramma to have her hair cut. I do think her fall the other day kinda knocked her out of whack...I have asked her numerous times if she wanted to go to the doctor. She always says no. But it's 7:15 in the evening, & she's already in bed (I think she's watching TV though, I hear 'Survivor' on).

I received an "official" invitation to my neice's H.S. graduation in Iowa. It's actually on Sunday the 16th (I had it in my head it was going to be Saturday the 15th). I am planning on driving up to Missouri, and picking my Dad up, then going on up to Iowa.

It is hot down here today, I believe it was 89 degrees. I'm sure it's still up in the 80's now.

I checked with Gramma to see what prescriptions she may need to have refilled before I get back from my trip...she went into this "poor me, all by myself" routine, which she pulled on my Mother as well. (It's just guilt...it's not going to work on me). I will make sure that my neighbor, Barry, is around to look in on Gramma (I wouldn't consider leaving her completely alone). Barry is in Florida right now, he should be back any day.

I think these "Blogs" are used mostly for ranting & raving...I just don't have anything to go off on about... (I must be mellowing out in my old age...I'm no longer the tyrant I once was)

The last 2 evenings, I keep thinking that I hear an Elf Owl outside. Tonight if I hear it, I'm going to grab my flashlight & head outside to look for it...

Until next time,

Be good everybody

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Well, I did stay up too late again last night...
I'm kinda glad that I did not sub again today.

It was trash day here, which is truly an adventure...sometimes they come on Wednesday, sometimes on Thursday, sometimes on Friday & sometimes not at all...they came today. The last 2 weeks they came on Thursday.
I paid some bills, did laundry, dug some things out of the yard...you know, "stuff".
After Noon, I went to town to see what was going on.
Not much is the answer for that.
I went to the city park to see if I could find the resident pair of White-collared Seedeaters. I did not find them. I did find a large flock of Lark Sparrows and Chipping Sparrows. I also saw a female Painted Bunting. There were lots of Couch's Kingbirds and some Ash-throated Flycatchers doing some nest building.
I was surprised to see young Mockingbirds already. They probably raise 3 broods a year down here.

Grilled steaks for supper. Had more angel food cake & strawberries for dessert.

I went out back to check the pond. Nothing too exciting, there was a female Painted Bunting down there drinking & bathing.

In about 2 weeks, I'm going to be heading North for my neice, Tory's, High School Graduation in Iowa. So this gives me a good excuse to visit people along the way...I'm really looking forward to it.

Well, it's time for me to get off the internet for the evening...

Be good everybody.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

This morning, I decided that I can no longer stay up until 11:30 to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon Network. I am finding that 7 hours of sleep is just not enough for me...at this time last year I would have killed to get 7 hours of sleep. I was working from 4:15 in the morning until 12:15 PM. It gets real difficult to go to bed any earlier than 10:00 in the spring & summer.

Again, I did not get called to substitute teach today. I trimmed some bushes around the yard this morning. Spent some time "out back" (even took my shirt off for a few minutes...try to lose the farmer tan, ya know).

I will probably have to mow this week (note to self, buy gas for mower)

My friend Janelle called me this afternoon. She is really good stuff. She makes me laugh a lot...usually at her. We must've talked for an hour or more...she was driving (and more than likely exceeding the speed limit).

I called my brother Alan this evening, he lives in South Carolina. He has been dealing with some issues with his heart over the past couple of months. Some of this stuff is probably hereditary. I had an EKG done about 6 years ago. The doctor told me that they saw something unusual, but the worst thing that I could do is worry about it. My Dad told me about a week ago that there is a family history with arhythmia (not sure about the spelling).
He was telling me about problems he encountered after one of his tests (a heart cath) and I started laughing, (only because I could not imaging going through all of this stuff) I apologized, he understood.

Well, I was hoping that I'd have some pictures on here yet...I'm still working on it...
Maybe tomorrow, there's always tomorrow...

Be good everyone

Monday, April 26, 2004
  Good evening!

Well it was a very gray day here. First of all, I did not get called to Substitute today. It was pouring down rain this morning, so after 8:00, I crawled back into bed. Slept for a couple of hours (until my Gramma turned on "The Price is Right"---Gramma is pretty much deaf, I bought her a hearing aid last November, but she stopped using it a couple of months back...).

This afternoon, I decided to go into town (about 5 miles one-way) to pick up a few groceries (tomato sauce, onions & Orange juice). I was probably gone for 30 minutes. When I got back to the house, I saw there was mud on the living room carpet. I asked Gramma what had happened. She said she fell down while she was outside & could not get up...so she crawled to the front door & got inside & used the couch to get herself up...I told her that it had been a couple of weeks since she fell...she said that she fell once last week, she just did not tell me.
It is very difficult to convince a 95 year old who is very stubborn, to take things easy...

According to our rain gage, over the past 3 days, we received about 1.40 inches of rain.

I fixed myself & Gramma some Angel food cake with fresh strawberries & whipped topping for dessert. She seemed to enjoy it.

This evening, I've spent lots of time trying to track down an old 'Geocities' website that I had...I cannot find it anywhere.

I am working on adding a few pictures to my Blog page...jazz things up a little.
Not to worry, I'll have it resolved by the end of the week.

Everyday, I get so much junk e-mail...I always take the time to "remove myself" from receiving e-mails. I had been doing it to one piece of junk mail per day...I have now stepped it up to 2 per day...I sometimes thing that I'm just adding myself to lists as opposed to removing...

Well, I need to get back to finding somewhere that I can upload some pictures (for free) so I can add them to this site...

Be good everyone

Sunday, April 25, 2004
  Hello there.

I got out my HTML "Black Book" yesterday in hopes it may give me some ideas to help me liven up my Blog (even though I think this is actaully XML...)...a picture fell out of it...it is a picture of me being kissed by my ex-wife's cousin, Kristin at a wedding...it made me smile, she was a really cool chick: smart funny, cute (she had killer dimples...).

I just was not feeling very good last night (I had a couple of beer with dinner) & I went to bed before 8:00 & got up after 7:00 this morning.

Rained again off and on throughout the day.

I made an angel food cake this morning (late, for my birthday). I bought some strawberries yesterday. I had asked my Gramma if we had an angel food cake pan...she said we did...what we had was a bundt cake pan (not the same). I started to explain to her why they were different...but then thought "what's the use". Nonetheless, batter dripped out of the pan into the oven & started smoking, so I tried to stop the smoking in the oven, using various utensils: spoons, tongs, even foil (which does burn if you get it too close to the oven element). So I ended up cleaning the oven this afternoon (GREAT!)

I grilled some chicken wings for dinner (I've grilled 3 nights in a row now--I did burgers last night).

My cellular service down here stinks...for me to get a signal, I must go out out the back gate of my yard & go "out back" to get service. I was out back talking to a friend, when I noticed an Orange-barred Sulphur (butterfly) caught in a spider web...it was really trying to get free, but it just couldn't...after I ended my call, I went over & freed the struggling butterfly...I am just so goofy, I was feeling bad for the spider, but the way I looked at it, the spider could just wait & eat an ugly bug. The butterfly will go free today.

One of my friends said that I needed to add my e-mail address to my Blog site...so I have added that (not that I'm worth conversing with) in case someone I don't know ever sees this.

Be good everybody...

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