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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Well, no new signs of mice, plus none have been caught in a few days...I'm hoping it was just the 2.

Took Gramma to the podiatrist in Laredo today...we were there for 2 hours before we got in (she was not happy...). Stopped at H.E.B. on the way out of Laredo for my neighbor, who needed Prevacid.

OK, I'm going to rant here...
In Texas, they do something that is called "Driving friendly" where on 2 lane highways, slower vehicles will pull farther to the right, on the shoulder to give faster traffice behind them an opportunity to pass. The problem is, they do this on curves, hills, anywhere. I do not pass on a yellow line in my lane, end of story. So, what you may have is someone doing 65 mph on a highway, I come up behind them at a faster speed. I can wait & pass at the correct time (no traffic coming & a dotted line on my side). So what slower driving guy does is pulls over to the right...this is going up & down hills, around curves etc. I will not pass until I get a dotted line...so he starts slowing down...55...50...45...geez, worry about just driving down the road, guy. (I'm finished now)

Again, a very warm & humid day today. Finally turned on the A/C (not very high), but it's something.

Went down to the pond after dinner. The pair of Least Grebes were still there, also there were a female & a juvenile Painted Bunting. There was also a Common Yellowthroat, Clay-colored Sparrow & a Least Flycatcher (the last 3 are all new to the "outback" for me). There was also a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher drinking on the wing...interesting to watch.

Well, I am going to leave in the morning, not planning on getting too early of a start...I'm hoping by 9:00. I will do some stuff around here before I leave..vacuum, wash the sheets on my bed & make my bed.
Nonetheless, I am planning on getting to bed early tonight...

I do hope to update my Blog as I can...

Be good everybody
Monday, May 10, 2004

Well, I finally got the yard mowed. It took me an hour & 15 minutes...but I don't need to worry about getting it done now.

It was a very warm & humid day today. 91 degrees with a 50% humidity (69 degree dewpoint). I am kind of a "weather nerd". On the news this evening, our local #1 weather guy, Richard "Heatwave" Burler said that by this date, we average 31 days of 90 degree or higher heat. Today makes just the second this year.

I went down to the pond after dinner. I saw my first Yellow-billed Cuckoos of the year. Also in the pond were a pair of Least Grebes and a pair of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks. I was the most surprised to see the Least Grebes. As I was walking closer to the pond, I was hearing some rattling (too loud & a different tone than a rattlesnake). When I got down to the pond, there was a grebe out in the water no more than about 10 feet from me. Anyway, they were doing some courtship display things (chasing & making the rattling sound). Actually once I got back to my yard, I could still hear them rattling.

Well tomorrow I take Gramma in to see the podiatrist. Now understand, she is 95 years old. She has lost a pretty significant amount of weight over the past 5 or so years. Anyway, her feet have been giving her problems. Bottom line is, she's old & she doesn't have as much cushion in her feet as she used to. Her doctor has tried to suggest many things for her...(one of course is to have her stay off her feet) She just is not satisfied with what has been done with her feet. So this trip to Laredo should be a real treat...

Well, I will update my Blog tomorrow night, not sure when I'll be able to do it again...

Be good everybody  
Sunday, May 09, 2004

Well Blogger has changed things around...hopefully I can still get this posted.

It was the most uneventful day...I don't know if I can even make up stuff to make today sound interesting...


I went down to the pond this evening & saw a Black-throated Green Warbler...that was kind of exciting (just because to me, it seemed a bit far West...)

I called my Dad to firm up what time I was going to be at his place on Friday. I need to get in touch with some of the folks that I used to work with in K.C. to see if they may want to get together for lunch on Friday...

It is supposed to be getting really warm down here this week...I'm glad I'm leaving...

That really is it...we'll see if the Middle school calls me to work tomorrow...

Be good everybody 
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