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Saturday, June 26, 2004
The "Pond" 6/26/2004 It's lookin' kinda uggh Posted by Hello 

This morning, I got up & went to work outside. I cleaned out the flower beds in front of the house. I will probably bring some gravel in to put where the plants were. I also spackled & sanded the place where the doorbell was (I don't need no stinking doorbells).

I've been hearing from people that I have not heard from in a while over the past couple of days. Lisa, who was a peer of mine when I worked in K.C., sent me an e-mail, and my friend Melissa left me a voicemail yesterday as well (that was a total shock).

the weather has been nice over the past week or so...I think it only hit 100 degrees 2 or 3 days this week. It got up to JUST 93 today. According to my rain gauge, last night we only got about 1.05 inches of rain (it seemed like more. Tonight, more showers are supposed to move out of Mexico & give us more rain (it's making the weeds grow, that's my only curse against the rain).

Down at the pond, there must be some Red-billed Pigeons nesting down there, as 2 or 3 times now, I have scared one out of the same tree...

The pond filled up a little bit over the past couple of days (see picture).

Well, not much else is new here. I think I will fix Gramma & myself pancakes tomorrow morning (I need to make sure we have some sort of syrup that is not "Maple"--I hate "Maple" syrup...)

Be good everybody 
Friday, June 25, 2004
  Hello everyone,

My day went as follows...
Alarm went off at 6:30. I turned it off. I woke up about 7:45.
I had wanted to get up early, so I could walk/jog before the sun got too high in the sky...by the time I dragged my carcass out to run, (after stretching & stuff) it was almost 9:30 (which down here is too late in the day to try to do do running). But I did my 20 minutes (I figured I probably covered close to 1.5 miles) at what I would consider a pretty decent pace.

I showered when I got back. I don't know if I had mentioned this yesterday, but I decided to grow a moustache (part of my new "Reinventing Roger" plan). so shaving now takes considerably less time...

I left for Laredo about 12:30 (I had to go see my attorney). Uneventful trip up there. Pretty much all I needed to do was pick up two "Warranty Deeds" for my neices to sign. I always check stuff over from her. I found a couple of mistakes, which she corrected. After I left her place, she calls me & says that there was something else that she missed that she found, so I had to turn around & go back to pick up the correct copies...

Again, I had an uneventful trip back...(I only mention the trips as uneventful, as sometimes, they are not.) Sometimes, they may have a Border Patrol Stop set up on the highway, sometimes, there may be a drug bust going on...lots of fun stuff down here...

Speaking of fun stuff...we have a bug problem. I'm not saying that it's just us, it's just this part of the world...

Last Saturday, I went to the grocery store in town. I picked up just a few things. My Gramma had asked me to buy some bananas. I get the groceries home & put them away (the correct place for bananas is on the counter, next to the breadbox). About 10 or 15 minutes later, I'm in the kitchen & I see the biggest damn cockroach that I've ever seen! I swear you could hear it's feet running along the counter. This "Big Boy" ran off the edge of the counter, next to the refrigerator...I couldn't find him. Well, I went to the garage to find some Raid & I sprayed all around the refrigerator. The only thing that I can think of, was that he was on/in the bananas...I have never seen a roach here before (much less this "brute" of one).

On Monday, I was in the garage. There is a window that goes from the garage to the back porch. There is a curtain over it on the porch side. I could see the outline of a large spider on the curtain. So I got a pickle jar, & convinced him that he needed to take a ride in it. I have no idea what kind of spider it was (it was probably a type of Tarantula, but to me, a Tarantula isn't a climber like that, plus he was pretty fast). Anyway, after checking him out, I took him out beyond the fence & let him go.

Last night, I was standing around on the back porch when I see something moving across the floor. It was a scorpion...I took care of him...

This morning, Gramma tells me that there was a grasshopper inside the house this afternoon. This is noteworthy, as when I had a friend of mine down back in February, she had me come in & take care of a grasshopper that was in the bathroom.

So, we just had an evening full of thundershowers. By 7:30, we had almost an inch of rain, & it continued to rain up to 9:30 or 10:00.

Well, that's all I'm going to write for now,

Be good everybody  
Thursday, June 24, 2004
Checkered Garter Snake eating a Rio Grande Leopard Frog 6/22/04 Posted by Hello 
Pond from the "other" side, 6/21/2004 Posted by Hello 
  Hello everybody...

Well I took some time away from everything to kinda get my stuff together...

I went to Laredo searching for jobs on Tuesday, as well as today.

Tuesday, I also started a fitness routine (as long as I can do my strength & flex training tonight, I'll still be on plan).

I also started growing a moustache...

Real exciting stuff in my world...

Tuesday & Wednesday evening we had some nice rain showers. We had .60 inches of rain Tuesday & .80 inches last night.

I have to go back to Laredo tomorrow afternoon to meet with my attorney, I am still trying to resolve some issues with my Mother's estate...

I will get back to updating my Blog on a daily basis...

Be good everybody

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