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Friday, August 06, 2004
Bull snake "evicted" from the back porch. Posted by Hello 
  Hello there.

Another hot day (Duh!--August in South Texas). It got to 104, before some clouds moved in from the North (it's down to 98 now). I made my quick trip to Laredo this morning. I really didn't buy too many groceries. I stopped at a branch of my bank to pick up a $50 bill to send to my neice Robyn for her birthday (now I've given away the surprise--there's no surprise, I think that's what she's got from me for the last 3 years...) & get her card in the mail (her birthday is next Wednesday). I made it to Laredo & did my errands & back in about 2 hours & 45 minutes...not bad.

I went out to start the grill this afternoon & found another snake on the porch (I think it's the same one that was out there before, Gramma thinks it's skinnier than the other one). After I got it off the porch, I took a picture of it. It is a Bull Snake. After dinner, I went out to put the cover back on the grill, and I don't know what made me think of it, but I thought that the snake could be under it, as I lay it on the ground...sure enough, he was under it. I decided to kinda' mess with it. It didn't like it as he shook it's tail, imitating a Rattlesnake, that was kind of cool.

I am going to try to add some "links" to this Blog site...if I can figure out how. I may work on that this eveining.

Anyway, be good everybody
Thursday, August 05, 2004
"Pizza Box" on my roof that's my current hero. Posted by Hello 
"Stinky" pond, or what's left of it Posted by Hello 
  Hey Y'all.

Well, I am back on Broadband for my Internet.

Frontera Telecom came out to get me hooked up yesterday. It took them about 2 hours from start to finish. I am so happy!!! Probably the thing that I am the happiest about is I can now listen to "streaming" music. Pretty much whatever kind of music I want, when I want. (For those who know me, I am very choosy when it comes to music, and for me to be satisfiled, that is something)
Now I'm not getting the 1/2 T1 speeds that I was getting in Kansas City with a cable modem, but I am averaging 200-450 kbps which is a far cry above the dial-up speeds I was getting.

I went into town today to run a couple of errands...paid the water bill, mailed the electric bill, went by the bank, stopped at the Family Dollar for my Gramma & then at our grocery store to pick up a couple of things. I ended up spending more than I probably ever have at the grocery store in town...why? They had THICK rib-eye steaks on sale for $5.99/lb. One thing that I do miss being down here are nice thick steaks. The Pork Chops & Steaks you usually find in the stores are very thin (steaks usually done for "Milanesa" which is a thin steak with tomato sauce & cheese on it).

Tomorrow I will go to Laredo & do some more shopping & just give me an outlet to get out of town...

It was another warm day down here...the last time I looked, it was 102 . (I just checked now...it's still 100 outside)

I will be dropping my "sbcglobal.net" e-mail account. You can either use my standard mister_electric@yahoo.com or my new one which is rr@fronteratelecom.com

I went down to the "pond" this evening...it's really drying up, it's starting to stink now too.

I will put up a recent "pond" picture, as well as a picture of the "pizza box" that is giving me the internet access...

Be good everybody

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Well, I hope this is the last time that I update my Blog using a dial-up account. I had Frontera Telecom out today to survey my situation as far as getting me high-speed wireless internet service. Things look really good, one guy said that he could see almost their entire tower from my roof!

I have not been up to very much since Sunday. Yesterday, I went down to the administrative office for the school district & put my name in to substitute again this year. It sprinkled a little bit this evening.

I heard from 2 people on Sunday that I had not heard from in a while.
First, there was Lisa, who I used to work with in Kansas City. She's a good person who helped me through a lot as a supervisor.
Then there was Heather, a friend up in San Antonio. We're trying to figure out a time where maybe I can come up & have dinner with her. She is going back to school this fall to become a Dental Hygienist. I am very proud of her & wish her much luck.

Then, on Sunday night I had a dream about a person who I worked with & was a friend of mine when I lived in Minnesota. Her name is Shawn, & it was a bizarre dream. In this dream, she was working with organizations raising money by obtaining 12-packs of Pepsi products & then having groups sell them for .50 cents more than what they could purchase them for (I guess that would work?). In this dream, I was in St. Paul (where I was working when I first met her) and for some reason, I could not find where I parked my car (this happens to me in dreams quite often). I went up & down streets in the West 7th Street area looking for my car. Some woman asked me to come into her house (I guess I looked lost) & they had many aquariums in their house. This woman offered me a Twinkie (!?). Anyway, I called Shawn & she came & got me & we went looking for my lost car. I don't remember finding it, but I do remember in the dream that Shawn asked me what I knew about elephants, as she could buy 2 elephants cheap, and then she would try to sell them at a profit...and she told me about her Pepsi deal.

That's really been the high points of the last few days for me...

Be good everybody
Sunday, August 01, 2004
Storm moving North Posted by Hello 
Trying to spin something down Posted by Hello 
"Weak" rotation in clouds, 7/22/04  Posted by Hello 
Me, 7/19/2004...like my "stash"? Posted by Hello 

Did anyone miss me? Well, I've been feeling kinda down...I figured that I would not update my Blog until I had something positive...(kinda)...today is day 41 of my exercise regimen...and I am happy to report that I am now at 202 pounds...the lowest weight that I have been at in recent memory (10 years for sure). I guess that is positive news.

What else has happened, not much. We had a couple of near misses with nasty storms...One of them, on July 22 was incredible to watch. I would guess that I watched this storm go by, no more than 5 or 6 miles to the east, for an hour or longer before it ever started to rain here...(see pictures) There was some cloud rotation with this storm, but nothing ever emerged from it. We ended up getting about .9 of an inch of rain, where locations 10 miles away got anywhere from 4-8 inches! This storm was moving south to north (weather can come from any direction down here...although I don't know if I've experienced anything going NE to SW). Then, on the 29th, we had another storm (moving Northwest to Southeast) that again just skirted by me, with more rotation in the clouds...it only brought .1 of an inch of rain. We went through a period of 7 straight days of 100 degree + temperatures, then 6 of below 100 (98s). I know it was 102 Friday, & yesterday. It's already 89 outside (10:00 AM).

I need to go down the the Human Resources of the school district tomorrow & let them know that I am interested in substitute teaching again this year.

I have been working quite a bit outside over the last week (this morning I dug out a Palmetto, an Oleander & a tree stump). Wednesday, I broke a long-handled shovel digging out another Palmetto, so I bouth a new one on Thursday. Mowed the yard on Tuesday...took 2 hours & 45 minutes (the rain has been good to the weeds).

What else...hmmm...I feel good with me stretching, jogging & lifting weights.
Beautiful Full Moon the last couple of nights...it was so bright last night!

I apologize to everyone that I've lost contact with over the past month or so...after my hard drive crashed & lost many of your e-mail addresses, then I got kinda down on myself...not really wanting to talk to anyone...maybe I'm getting better again...if I could just "ride the wave" of one of my "highs", I'll be in good shape. Maybe after school starts again.

Well, I'll throw some new pictures up...

Be good everybody

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